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Mopping the Floor


 Polishing, Repair, Removal of Stains and Scratches, Repair of Cracks,
Replace loose or Cracked Tiles & Lobby Maintenance of Natural Stone Floors.

Welcome to our Marble Floor Repair page, where we'll guide you through the process of restoring your marble floors. If your marble surfaces have scratches, stains, or lost their shine, we're here to help.


Fixing Common Marble Floor Issues


1. Scratches: If your marble floors have scratches, they can impact how they look and feel.

2. Stains: Spills or exposure to certain substances can leave stubborn stains on your marble.

3. Dullness: Over time, foot traffic and insufficient maintenance may make your marble floors lose their natural shine.


Our Step-by-Step Marble Floor Repair


Assessment: We start by carefully checking the damage to figure out the best way to fix it.


Cleaning: Using a gentle cleaner, we clean your marble to get rid of dirt without causing more damage.


Scratch Repair: For small scratches, we use marble polishing powder. Deeper scratches we use diamond pads for dustless professional honing and polishing.


Stain Removal: Stubborn stains are treated with a special mix to draw out impurities before gently wiping them away.

Polishing: Our experts use professional techniques to smooth the surface and bring back the natural shine.


Sealing: To prevent future damage, we recommend applying a high-quality marble sealer.


Our Marble Floor Repair services are here to bring back the original finish of your floors. We understand the issues and use the right techniques to ensure your marble remains timeless. If you want to elevate the appeal of your living spaces with our expert solutions, reach out to our team. We're ready to assist you and schedule our professional services.

Marble Floor Repair Samples

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