Stain-Proof Your Tops

Call us and find out more about how we can protect your countertops, tables, vanity tops and furniture tops. 

Stainproof your Marble and Natural Stone Countertops in New York City, Manhattan, New Jersey, Westchester County and Connecticut.

Don't Fear The Lemon or the Wine on your Marble or Limestone Countertops.


Marble and Stone Counter Top Repair, Polishing and Stain-proofing.

Marble Counter tops and other Natural Stone countertops and island tops surfaces etch, stain and dull very easily. MarbleBLUE can remove etch marks, ring marks, surface stains, scratches and protect you Marble Countertop and All Natural Stone Countertops. 


Our Marble counter-top repair, Marble counter-top polishing and Stone Restoration process is dustless and the same process used at the factory. Our master technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced at Stone repair, stone restoration and Marble Restoration.

We restore, polish and seal all Marble tops:

  • Counter-tops

  • Table Tops

  • Vanity Tops

  • Furniture Tops

  • Coffee Tables

  • Bar Tops

  • Concierge Tops

Crack Repair, Etch Removal, Stain Removal, Scratch Removal, Stain-Proofing and Marble Countertop Polishing

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