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Specializing in Marble, Stone and Grout Restoration

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Don't be fooled by the short cut process being used to polish stone.

Marbleblue® provide the services of Stone & Marble repair, polishing, sealing, grouting, honing and full restoration of all natural stone surfaces. We restore marble, limestone, terrazzo, slate, travertine, onyx and tiles. The Marbleblue® pros are highly experienced and are professional craftsmen at stone restoration, which are trained with state of the art techniques. While there are new stone care companies in New York. We have been restoring Marble and stone since 1997. Experience matters!


Marble, Terrazzo, Natural Stone and Grout Restoration is a very specialized skill that we have mastered for decades. Don't be fooled by the short cut process being used to polish stone. The short cut process doesn't last very long, leaving your stone susceptible to stains, even if it's sealed. Get the original factory finish by using Marbleblue®.

We are a team of well educated and experienced personnel which specializes in stone repair and stone polishing. Our qualified experts will restore your stone back to life, while paying attention to details. Whether your stone care problems are etching, cracks, scratches or stains that occur in or on the stone, we can restore it back to its original matte or polished factory finish.
The process is dustless and safe around kids and pets.
Residental & Commercial
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